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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act: Everything You Need to Know

As if remembering the names and acronyms of established data protection regulations wasn’t difficult enough as it is, many organizations that control or process personal information of Virginia residents now have to remember yet another one: Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act, or CDPA for short.

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How to Build a Compliance Culture at Your Organization

Organizations of all sizes are facing increasingly complex cyber threats in a regulatory landscape that’s becoming harder and harder to navigate. To avoid potentially devastating breaches and the equally impactful penalties that accompany them, your organization needs to foster a compliance culture and make it part of its DNA. What Is a Compliance Culture? Compliance […]

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3 Ways to Increase Data Protection Compliance Among Remote Teams

The still ongoing coronavirus pandemic has fragmented established organizations, forcing their employees to work remotely, often using their own personal devices. While employees’ productivity and job satisfaction have increased, according to experts with Information Services Group, their ability to maintain compliance with increasingly stringent data protection regulations has suffered.

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Top Cybersecurity Challenges to Watch Out for in 2021

Most cybersecurity professionals agree that 2020 was one of the most challenging years in recent history. The coronavirus pandemic disrupted established work routines and forced employees to leave their offices, fully exposing them to opportunistic cybercriminals and their increasingly advanced tactics.

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The Biggest Compliance Challenges in 2021 and Beyond

When established work routines are suddenly disrupted by a one-in-a-lifetime pandemic, compliance challenges multiply at a rapid pace—at least that’s one lesson 2020 has taught us. Because the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, organizations in 2021 can expect to face amplifications of familiar challenges on top of new ones.

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The Impact of the DoD’s New DFARS Interim Rule

On September 29, the Department of Defense (DoD) released an interim rule that amends the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). The goal of the interim rule is to strengthen the cyber resiliency of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), which has been dealing with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats from both state and non-state actors.

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Common Compliance Issues for Remote Employees

When the news broke about the central government of China imposing a lockdown in Wuhan near the end of January 2020, most organizations had no idea that remote working would become the norm in a very near future. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised them in late February 2020 to transition to […]

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The Importance of IT Asset Management for Compliance

IT assets are the gears that keep modern organizations running. But as organizations grow and embrace all kinds of productivity-enhancing technologies, such as cloud and mobile computing, it becomes easy to lose track of them and, consequently, fail to comply with regulations and license agreements, which is where IT asset management comes in.

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The CMMC Accreditation Board (CMMC-AB) has approved Aligned Technology Solutions as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO)

Aligned Technology Solutions (ATS), a top ranked managed IT services provider headquartered in the Washington DC Region, is pleased to announce the CMMC-AB, has approved it as an RPO. This achievement officially marks the entry of ATS into the CMMC ecosystem and is part of the firm’s ongoing expansion of offerings to defense contractors and […]

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