Continuous Revision as a Recipe for Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

All too frequently, sound data procedures are neglected during phases of rapid growth. However, this is the time when data-driven process development is most crucial. Your success will depend heavily on your ability to observe and track your improvements over time.

Our partner Brightgauge, offers the ideal solution for any growth journey because it allows you to track process changes and assess whether they were effective or required further refinement. Over time, this can result in a system that is perfectly tuned for service delivery excellence.

For their Dashboard of the month, Brightgauge featured a Service Delivery Management dashboard that was based on the user showcase webinar, Continuous Revision as a Recipe for Operational Excellence with Jeremiah Best, the VP of Service Delivery at Aligned Technology Solutions.

The Service Delivery Management dashboard features the key metrics shared by Jeremiah Best, used at various stages of Aligned Technology Solutions’ growth. Jeremiah, having 16 years of experience across various service delivery roles in the MSP space, shared the importance of having a continuous improvement mindset in order to grow. Over his tenure and with the guidance of consultative coaching by Sea-Level Operations and their IT Nation Evolve peer group, Jeremiah has built and rebuilt their dashboards and goal lists several times to aid in refining their processes to maturity. 

Service Delivery Management Dashboard – view here.

For more details on some of the featured metrics found in the Service Delivery Dashboard, see the original blog post here.

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