Rethinking Document Management for the Age of Hybrid Work

Documents are at the heart of virtually all activities organizations perform on a daily basis as they march toward their objectives. During the last two years, many of these activities have been greatly disrupted by COVID-19, forcing organizations large and small to innovate at an unprecedented pace.

The hybrid work model, where employees have the flexibility to work both from the office and remote locations, has emerged as a popular way of working because it offers myriad benefits to both employees and employers—and not just during a pandemic.

As beneficial as this model can be, it’s not without challenges. To successfully transition to it, organizations must rethink their document storage for the age of hybrid work so that both remote and in-office employees can easily access, manage, and share their documents.

Document Management in a Hybrid Workplace

Employees will continue to work from remote locations even when the pandemic has passed. At least that’s what 74 percent of CFOs surveyed by Gartner think. For remote employees to be just as productive as their office-bound counterparts, traditional document management practices must make way for modern digital alternatives.

Without the capabilities provided by leading document management solutions, employees have no other option but to rely on a patchwork of tools to get things done. This often leads to such unsafe practices as sharing documents with colleagues using personal file-sharing accounts.

Fortunately, document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint can meet the needs of everyone from large global enterprises to small local businesses with just a few employees without costing an arm and a leg.

Benefits of Document Management Systems

The benefits of using a document management system in a hybrid workplace stem from the centralization of document storage and the resulting ability to effectively control document access and sharing using easily enforceable policies. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Implementing a Document Management System

By implementing a document management system, you can bridge the document access, management, and sharing gap created by the hybrid work model, empowering employees to be equally productive everywhere.

But how do you actually approach the implementation of a document management system? With the help of Aligned Technology Solutions!

We can help you access where and how your employees are currently storing important work documents to determine how your existing workflows can be streamlined and made more secure using a document management system.

The only thing you need to do to take your document management to the next level is to fill in the contact form on our website. Or better yet, give us a call at 703-740-8797 during our normal hours to book a free consultation.

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