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Secure your business from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Assessment Solutions

Every organization operating today needs to have complete cyber security data protection to prevent financial loss as well as brand loyalty and customer/shareholder trust. One of the first steps in making your business cyber resilient is by identifying your vulnerabilities. Select an evaluation below to begin the process of securing your business against inevitable cyber attacks. 


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Penetration Testing

When it comes to improving the security of your IT infrastructure, there is no room for error. We conduct an extensive assessment of your infrastructure using several types of penetration testing and leverage our unique knowledge base and experience to find key flaws in your internal systems before those weaknesses can be exploited.

CMMC Assessment

Pass your CMMC audit with confidence using Aligned’s consulting. We help DoD contractors implement NIST cybersecurity controls to effectively safeguard sensitive information. Protecting the future success of our warfighters through CMMC compliance. 

healthcare gap analysis

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry that requires expertise to meet compliance requirements. Avoid regulatory fines and enhance patient trust in your organization with a cost-effective compliance gap analysis.

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