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Your Ultimate Defense Against
the Dark Web

Did you know that 75% of cybercrime victims are unaware their credentials
have been stolen? Our security specialists will make sure you’re one step ahead
of cybercriminals by diving deep into the Dark Web, the illegal marketplace
where stolen data is sold.

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Free Dark Web Check

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What We Do


We predict

cybercrime patterns before they become trends, rendering their tactics ineffective.


We prevent

major system breaches by proactively searching for compromised or stolen data.


We monitor

black market sites, peer-to-peer networks, hidden chat rooms, and social media platforms 24/7/365.


We report

800,000+ compromised emails daily to help our clients manage risk.


of hackers use weak or stolen passwords
to breach business systems


of small- to medium-sized businesses fail
to recover within 6 months after
a data breach


of hackers primarily target small- to medium-sized businesses

Why You Need Dark Web Scanning

How It Works

Aligned Technology Solutions has partnered with Dark Web ID™ to offer a revolutionary threat protection program equipped with cutting-edge scanning capabilities. Our cybersecurity specialists work by connecting to several Dark Web services, such as Freenet, Tor, and I2P to check if your employee and customer data has been stolen or compromised. And in the case that we do find your data, we’ll immediately fortify your business’s cyberdefenses, stopping hackers in their tracks.

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