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Nonprofit organizations are doing incredibly important work under increasingly challenging budgetary constraints. ATS is passionate about supporting your mission-driven organization with all of the managed IT needs. We can help you cut costs while still getting the most out of everything you have. Whether you’re managing a fundraising campaign or protecting the personal data of service recipients, there is a piece of IT out there that can help you do it more safely and efficiently. We’re committed to helping you with affordable and reliable IT support so you can keep focused on helping others.


Comprehensive Coverage

Everything you need to accomplish your mission

Managed IT Services

Outsourced IT support from a team committed to helping you help others

Cloud Solutions

Mobile-friendly and location independent solutions for worker and volunteer productivity

Business Phone Systems

Less costly and more effective fundraising drives and donor calls with internet-based communications


End-to-end, advanced encryption of donor and client personally identifiable information (PIC)

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