Cloud Email – Office365 or Google G Suite?

Office365 or G Suite

Which is better for Cloud email, Office365 or Google G Suite? This is a question we are asked frequently by clients, prospects, friends and family.

Our short answer is usually always the same: Either and Depends.

We view technology through the lens of your business, so to us the right solution for you will be very specific to your organization’s needs, requirements and culture. We resell and manage G Suite. Office365, Hosted and Premise Exchange. In our own organization we use both G Suite and Office 365. We believe both are solid solutions. What it comes down to is which solution most closely matches your organizations need; requirements and culture.

So how do you decide? You contact ATS of course! Some of the information we would want to collect in order ensure we align the solution to your organization is as follows:

  • What is your business?
  • How do you collaborate with employees; partners; clients today?
  • What are you using today for email, chat, document storage?
  • What are some of your other Technology solutions? (Finance; Marketing; CRM; Phone System; etc.)
  • General cloud adoption of your organization?
  • Reliance on the Microsoft Office Suite? (Yes, you can still use Microsoft Office with Google G Suite)
  • What is integrated with email today? What would make sense to integrate in the future?
  • Budget constraints?

The examples above are just some of the key information that will help us recommend the right cloud email solution for your team.  There are others. What we can say for sure is:

  1. Both Office365 and G Suite are solid collaboration solutions.
  2. One of them is likely to meet your organization’s needs.
  3. A cloud solution for email, calendar, storage is likely a better fit for your team than a premise based solution.

Aligned Technology Solutions can help with your Cloud Email Migration.  From choosing the best solution to implementation / migration and support, we are experts and eager to help. Contact us today!

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