Cybersecurity Tips While Traveling

cybersecurity while traveling

Before Traveling

Backup Your Devices
Back up all of your devices before traveling to ensure that your data is recoverable in case your device is lost, damaged, or stolen. 

Install Security Patches and Software Updates
Security patches and software updates are a critical and an easy way to help protect your devices. We do this automatically for our client’s managed devices and highly recommend you keep your devices up-to-date at all times. 

Device Encryption
We highly recommended that you keep your devices encrypted at all times. Encryption provides a strong layer of protection to keep cybercriminals from your data.

Enable Pins and Passwords
We recommend you enable pins and passwords on all your devices. That way if your device falls into the wrong hands, they are not able to simply turn the device on and gain access to your data. 

While Traveling

Avoid public computers
Public computers, such as those you might find in a hotel lobby, could be missing crucial security patches or have malware installed. You do not know how secure these computing devices are. We recommend always using your own devices if possible. 

Use Public Wi-fi Cautiously
Public networks can be at locations you think are secure, such as a coffee shop or hotel. Even if the network is available in a secure location, there is no guarantee the network is sponsored by the owner of that establishment. 

Other Things to Consider

Security Awareness Training
This is important for everyone in your organization. Cybercriminals are attacking individuals, no longer just networks. 


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