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Your IT infrastructure is the invisible scaffolding that lets your company do what it does, and as long as it remains invisible, everything’s great. But if you’re constantly thinking about your IT, it’s probably because it’s not performing optimally. Our IT experts can plan, implement, and maintain all of your technology so you don’t have to think about it, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes to create and sustain an in-house IT department. ATS’s Managed IT Services leverage our scale and experience to reduce your overheads and improve efficiency.

If you’re a successful company with a few technicians already on site and you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re growing beyond your capacity. Nearly 60 percent of respondents in a recent poll said their managed services provider works collaboratively with their internal IT department. To ATS, that’s no surprise. We’ve partnered with dozens of internal IT departments, creating some of our longest-lasting relationships yet. Whether you’re currently expanding or implementing new tools, we’re always happy to assist.


ATS’s Managed and Co-Managed IT Services can help with:

  • Strategic Advice & Guidance – We’ll chart a technology path that’s aligned with your business goals
  • 24/7/365 Systems Monitoring – We keep an eye on your servers, networks, and mission-critical systems all day, every day
  • Proactive & Preventative Management – Our team and our tools keep your systems tuned to peak performance, and we can prevent most problems before they ever happen
  • Remote Access Support – We manage, maintain, and support your remote network access technologies, including VPNs
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Systems Administration – We manage your current platform or craft a policy and solution that protects your data and ensures rapid recovery in case of failure
  • Anti-Malware Protection & Monitoring – We can keep you safe with best-in-class, enterprise-grade tools
  • Asset Management – We can provide a comprehensive and dynamic catalog of all IT assets under our management, with life cycle analyses and reporting included

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"I have received not less than 10 calls (from internal staff), 'about time we got real IT support'"

A New ATS client switching over from another IT services provider

Managed IT Services

Need complete, proactive support for a fraction of an in-house IT department’s cost? Have a small team that can’t do it all? Either way, we can help.

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All DoD suppliers need CMMC certification. Many expect other federal agencies will follow. CMMC-AB recommends you start planning for certification AT LEAST 6 months OR MORE prior to certification. In fact, CMMC standards are well grounded and reasonable business practice for any company.

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We can protect you and your most valuable assets and information with best-in-class cybersecurity tools, including firewalls, anti-malware software, and best practices training.

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Cloud Solutions

Scalability, reliability, accessibility, flexibility, affordability — the cloud has the ability to help just about every business out there. Curious what it can do for you?

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Business Phone Systems

Premise-based or cloud-hosted, with a full call center — from five seats to 500, a single office or a multi-location outfit — we’ve got connectivity covered.

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