Managed IT Services

We deliver exceptional solutions and services to help you grow and secure your business.

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Aligned is built on a belief that IT services and solutions of every stripe begin by understanding what an organization’s people want, and that they are sustained by strong personal relationships with dedicated experts invested in ensuring that those solutions can evolve, remain optimized, and contribute to the fulfillment of any organization’s mission.

Managed IT

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services leverage our scale and experience to reduce your cost and improve efficiency. The experts at Aligned can plan, implement, and maintain all of your technology so you can focus on business and not IT.

Co-managed IT Services

Our Co-managed IT Services provide a comprehensive approach to IT through combined expertise and resources. Aligned experts work closely with your in-house team to understand your unique challenges and help to boost your strategies. 

Co-managed IT
Managed Cybersecurity

Managed Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is essential to every business and is a must in today’s high-risk environment. Aligned can monitor and maintain your data and IT infrastructure with a multilayered cybersecurity strategy that includes malware and antivirus protections, web filtering, firewalls, advanced encryption, and more. We deliver peace of mind knowing your network and data are protected.

Managed Compliance & vCISO

Our Managed IT Compliance and vCISO services help our clients navigate the complexities and financial obstacles associated with achieving compliance accreditation. The certified experts at Aligned can help take the guesswork of compliance standards or augment your current resources for efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud Solutions

Managed Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is changing the way business is done these days. Teams are no longer tethered to the office. Our Cloud solutions give your employees access to company files wherever they are, using whatever device they have with them.


As an CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization, Aligned is uniquely qualified to set you on the path to CMMC success. Let us guide and manage your CMMC journey so you can focus on your business.


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