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Our team of certified security experts works with you to improve the security of your IT infrastructure.

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When it comes to improving the security of your IT infrastructure, there is no room for error.


We conduct an extensive assessment of your infrastructure using several types of penetration testing and leverage our unique knowledge base and experience to find key flaws in your internal systems before those weaknesses can be exploited.


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Our industry-leading Penetration Testing offerings include:

Network Penetration Test

We specialize in network security testing to identify vulnerabilities across servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches, and other devices. Our security experts uncover flaws in areas such as weak passwords or misconfigured assets that are used to gain access to critical systems or data.

Compliance Penetration Test

Our compliance-certified team can demonstrate exactly how an attacker could gain access to sensitive data and can assist you with PCI DSS requirements. These tests can also verify that other mandated security measures are in place or working properly.

Social Engineering Prevention Services

Social engineering pen testing focuses on people and processes, and the vulnerabilities associated with them. Our certified social engineers use phishing tools and emails tailored to an organization to test defense mechanisms, detection, and reaction capabilities, finding susceptible employees and security measures that need improvement.

Cloud Penetration Test

Our cloud pentesting team performs comprehensive testing of your cloud environment to validate the security of your infrastructure and applications, identify vulnerabilities and assess risk. We specialize in testing the security of infrastructure hosted in AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud deployments.

3rd Party Penetration Test

Our penetration testing team assesses your needs so we can get a good understanding of your level of maturity and propose a pen testing plan that aligns with your business requirements. Our security experts identify weaknesses and/or security gaps in all areas of your organization and find ways to improve your security.

Black Box Penetration Testing

With little prior internal knowledge or access to internal systems, our black box penetration testing team will assume the role of the average hacker. Black box penetration testing identifies the vulnerabilities in your systems before external hackers are able to exploit them from outside the network.

IT Partner

Why choose Aligned as your
penetration testing partner?

Your technology partner, not just another vendor

Your technology partner, not just another vendor

The term Managed Service Provider doesn’t cut it for Aligned. We prefer Managed Service Partner — that’s what we think of when we call ourselves an MSP. Creating that partnership-level bond with clients requires trust, the first thing we build before any Aligned IT solution is in place. Building that trust means knowing the people depending on our expertise, knowing who we are working for. Only then can we accurately determine your organization’s needs and design, develop and deploy a solution — one that works from the start, and is able to adapt to the future.


Certified cybersecurity experts

To support our mission and reduce our customers risk, we maintain expert competency in several Information Security Benchmarks, Compliance Frameworks and Methodologies. These include NIST 800-171, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), HIPAA, NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks, MITRE ATT&CK, Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain, and Centers for Internet Security CIS Controls.

World Class Customer Service

World Class Customer Service

Our people, who are specifically recruited for their excellent service and communication capabilities, are in fact our greatest differentiators. Sure, we know the technical stuff. Of course, we are professional. But our primary focus is the client experience at every touchpoint. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. We always strive to deliver that stellar experience that is sadly uncommon in the world today. If you’re not elated with our service, we are not elated with our performance.

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Need clarification?

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, also called pen testing, is a cybersecurity technique in which a cybersecurity expert evaluates the security of an IT infrastructure by  trying to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

What is the primary purpose of penetration testing?

The objective of penetration testing is to simulate the activities of real hackers and to discover any weak spots in your IT systems that attackers could take advantage of. This valuable information is then used to tighten security posture before weaknesses can be exploited.

Why do I need penetration testing?

Regular penetration tests are a fundamental part of running a modern business, and for some, it is a requirement for compliance. Pen testing helps to keep a business safe from cyber criminals and can help to increase customer confidence in your services. Penetration testing from a reputable provider such as Aligned Technology Solutions demonstrates that you take security seriously, which proves to customers that you can be trusted with their data.

What is the main difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?

Pen tests are not the same as vulnerability assessments, but they are often performed together. While vulnerability scans provide a valuable picture of what potential security weaknesses are present, penetration tests can add additional context by seeing if the vulnerabilities could be leveraged to gain access within your environment. Pen tests can also help prioritize remediation plans based on what poses the most risk.

Are Penetration Tests Required for HIPAA and PCI DSS?

  • PCI DSS Requirement 11.3 (applicable to SAQ C and SAQ D) requires internal and external penetration testing of both the network and application layers of the CDE.


  • HIPAA does not explicitly require a penetration test, but it does require a risk analysis. Risk analysis usually includes the testing of security controls which can be accomplished through Penetration Testing.

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