7 Transformative Features of Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft teams webinar

If you’re looking for ways to transform how you hold Microsoft Teams meetings look no further. You can effortlessly elevate business strategies by transforming your approach to Teams meetings.  

Microsoft Teams Meeting Features to Boost Collaboration

Teams is well known for their interactive features that boost collaboration. However, most businesses aren’t using Teams to its full potential. 

Did you know that you don’t have to be a member of an organization or have a Teams account to join a meeting? Or that you can allow members of your team to make live, on-screen annotations while someone is sharing content? 

Microsoft makes it easy for your business to collaborate and increase productivity. Impress your team by boosting the efficiency of your next meeting with these innovative features!

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Get additional Microsoft Teams training videos on their page. Plus, be sure to check out these other hidden Teams features our friends at TechGen shared on their blog!

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